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Peak Physique Hot Yoga Woolloongabba (known by students as Peak Physique Gabba) is a welcoming community for anyone willing to improve their body as well as their mind. Our aim is to help families exercise together in an inspiring, focused and passionate yoga environment. At Peak Physique Hot Yoga Woolloongabba we aim to inspire others to live a lifestyle of yoga by simply sharing our passion and educating our community on the health benefits of yoga. We are advocates for Hot Yoga and it’s many amazing benefits.

We believe that a yoga class should be inspiring whereby you feel energetic throughout as well as after a class. Our yoga classes are designed to focus on small and ongoing improvements for our students. You will find that each of our classes has music to encourage and uplift.

Our teachers want to make a difference in our students’ lives by helping them find their inner stillness through our yoga asanas. Our teachers are also there to support and motivate students to achieve results in every class.

The classes at Peak Physique Hot Yoga Woolloongabba are designed to stretch and tone the body, providing both physical and mental health benefits. Holistic long-term benefits include weight loss, skin improvement, stronger muscles, headache relief, increased energy levels, help with anxiety, balanced blood sugar levels and improved self-esteem.

At Peak Physique Hot Yoga Woolloongabba we offer an enjoyable beginner’s course, which is an entry point into the yoga world. Our brand promise and philosophy is to ensure that you leave inspired after every visit. We want you to let your hair down, relax, take time away from home, and feel the abundance of love within our family sanctuary.

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After the first two weeks of beginners classes I noticed significant improvements in core and back strength. I found myself looking forward to attending classes any opportunity I could get, in order to improve my technique.

ChrisYoga Student

Thankyou to all the amazing teachers at Peak Physique. You have brought balance and sunshine into my life. Your classes warm my heart, calm my mind and nourish my soul. My body is stronger, leaner and more flexible than it has ever been.

MelYoga Student

After building up the courage to attend my first hot yoga class, I knew this would be much more than a fun work out and it definitely wasn’t ‘just stretching’. My mind, body and spirt had been awoken and I was excited to see what hot yoga could offer me.

JasminYoga Student

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Yoga Teacher

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